Utah hosting NCSL redistricting conference

More than 450 people are expected this week in Salt Lake City as the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) will host its final “Get Ready to Redistrict” seminar from July 14-16.

“Redistricting is front and center on the minds of legislators throughout the nation right now as we wait for the U.S. Census Bureau to release the detailed data required to do the job,” said Wendy Underhill, NCSL’s elections and redistricting director. “We’re lucky to have the nation’s experts on this exciting and sometimes contentious topic gathered in Salt Lake City. Nearly 450 people are coming to be part of NCSL’s first big meeting since the start of the pandemic.”

The “Get Ready to Redistrict” is the largest redistricting conference of its kind and aims to deliver knowledge and practical instruction to prepare states for the upcoming redistricting process.

“We are honored to host the NCSL redistricting seminar,” said Sen. Scott Sandall, co-chair of the Legislative Redistricting Committee. “Listening to experts from both sides of the aisle will only strengthen our knowledge and better prepare us for the redistricting process in Utah. Having experts provide lawmakers and staff with resources and information will help us accomplish the important task in front of us.”

Utah’s nonpartisan legislative staff, executive branch staff and Rep. Paul Ray will present and moderate various breakout sessions throughout the seminar.

“Utah is the perfect place to bring together legislators and staff from across the country to learn about and engage in the redistricting process,” said Rep. Paul Ray, co-chair of the Legislative Redistricting Committee. “Our lawmakers, committee members, and staff have shown a true commitment to understanding the redistricting process. It is a privilege for our state to be at the forefront of this once-in-a-decade opportunity.”

Attendees include legislators and legislative staff from across the country as well as redistricting commissioners, advocates and interested members of the public.

Learn more about the redistricting seminar here and view the full agenda here.