Utah faith leaders, Democratic electeds and residents come together with Biden to support Families-First agenda

The Utah Democratic Party released the following:

There’s a lot for Utahns to love in Pres. Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda, and in today’s event with Joshua Dickson, Senior Advisor for Faith Engagement at The White House and other senior White House officials, many of those Utahns came together to share their stories of how the Build Back Better agenda’s passage will support them.

Former Democratic Rep. Ben McAdams discussed how the agenda, which has been called the most meaningful and ambitious social agenda since LBJ’s Great Society, would help to lift thousands of Utahns from poverty. Dina Blaes, Director of the Salt Lake County Office of Regional Development, shared how funding raised through bills like the American Rescue Plan has helped to serve more than 5,900 households and counting with rent assistance and stability control, and Salt Lake Co.’s commitment to serving constituents with long-term opportunities for stable housing.

Darlene McDonald, National Committeewoman to the DNC from the Utah Democratic Party, discussed her belief in Utah values, including that our state is one for families, and the Build Back Better agenda is a crucial part of securing a stronger future for families in Utah. Of the event, Utah Democratic Party Chair Jeff Merchant said “I’m pleased that the White House is rightfully taking note of Utah as one that will be uniquely protected and served by the American Families Plan and the Build Back Better Agenda. President Biden told us when he took office that ‘help is here,’ and we are well on our way to delivering that to Utahns.”

Pres. Biden’s agenda was also supported by locals, including kidney transplant recipient Paul Gibbs (West Valley City), student and Pell Grant recipient at UVU Zachary Ballard, and small-business owner Ashley Munk, who discussed how stimulus checks and the expanded Child Tax Credit specifically helped her family continue to make ends meet.

The wide-ranging Build Back Better Agenda is built on tackling poverty and taking meaningful action to reward work, not wealth. It includes making the rich pay their fair share in taxes, and expanding programs like clean energy investments, human infrastructure, 2 years free community college, Universal Pre-K, and expanding healthcare access for millions of Americans. Utah Democrats are proud to be the party that supports protecting Utahns.