RizeNext announces 501(c)(3) nonprofit status of Tech-Moms to train more Utah mothers across the Wasatch Front

Similar programs in Calif. and NY resulted in 62% of students fulfilling technology jobs, increasing household incomes by an average of $54,360 

 Tech-Moms, which has operated under RizeNext, is in the process of becoming an independent 501(c)(3) organization to respond to the increasing demand of enrollment for tech training for Utah mothers. The 9-week training program has successfully completed six cohorts within the last year, including a sister program called Tech-Moms Latina. 

“We were thrilled to support Tech-Moms over the past year as it tested and proved its market and client base during its early stages. Tech-Moms had a stellar first year and is now ready to move into this space as an independent entity,” said RizeNext CEO and Founder Trina Limpert. “RizeNext will continue to sponsor the mission of Tech-Moms, which is to help women transition into tech careers and to diversify the overall tech talent landscape.” 

A massive influx of applicants with 150 women waiting to get into fall courses influenced the filing of tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code to allow the organization to apply for government and foundation grants. The new funding streams will help to further broaden Tech-Mom’s access to Utah mothers and strengthen its ability to provide educational training beyond the borders of the Wasatch Front. 

“We are seeking to scale this program to be able to serve the pipeline of women looking to get into the tech industry. This resource of highly skilled talent has been overlooked for too long and they are ready and eager and just looking for a little support,” said Mikel Blake, co-founder of Tech-Moms, who will lead the new organization as president. 

RizeNext is a Utah-based professional development services company that originally partnered with MotherCoders but launched its own program in Utah in 2020 as Tech-Moms. The main purpose of the educational program was to create economic opportunities for women in the technology industry because similar programs in Calif. and NY resulted in 62% of students fulfilling technology jobs, increasing household incomes by an average of $54,360. 

Furthermore, enriching Utah’s economy with greater gender equality by investing in moms’ talents strengthens communities by diversifying the marketplace. Tech-Moms advocates the creation of female-owned businesses and the hiring of moms – a valuable workforce – to increase their ability to earn livable wages and candidacy for career advancement opportunities. 

To achieve those objectives, program participants learn technical skills by building and launching a website using HTML, CSS and Javascript to showcase their skills to potential employers. The course includes training of digital trends, the issues driving growth and innovation, and the potential career paths for technology workers. The program also provides professional network-building to result in connections to like-minded peers and working professionals. 

Anna Gregory had a background in fashion and interior design, but she was looking for a change when she found Tech-Moms. She leveraged her existing skills to launch a career in UX design, starting as a volunteer at a nonprofit and then moving on to a part-time role in a small company. Less than 6 months later, Gregory landed a full-time role as a product designer. “Tech-Moms gave me the confidence and support I needed to feel like I can make it in the tech industry. Tech jobs truly are mom jobs. The program is amazingly empowering and I highly recommend Tech-Moms for anyone considering a career shift into tech,” Gregory said. 

Tech-Moms is accepting applications for its fall cohort with its partners. Former cohorts were made possible from partnerships with Utah Valley University, Salt Lake Community College and Weber State University. In addition, a national online cohort was launched in the spring of 2021. Applications and more information is available here (https://www.tech-moms.org/) 

“We will always be grateful for the support of RizeNext as we worked to get Tech-Moms off the ground, and we look forward to a strong partnership with them moving forward,” Blake said. 

Tech-Moms welcomes sponsors to participate with in-kind donations and services as well as funds for tuition and stipends for costs such as childcare not covered by tuition. These sponsorships are accepted by contacting Robbyn Scribner at [email protected].

About RizeNext
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