Curtis on $5T infrastructure bills: “Not the Utah way”

Today, Rep. John Curtis (R-UT) released the following statement about the nearly $5 trillion combined infrastructure bills. Since the infrastructure talks launched in earnest months ago, Speaker Pelosi has adopted the position that the House will not turn to the $1 trillion infrastructure package until the Senate passes a much larger $3.5 trillion package chock full of Democratic social benefits programs and climate initiatives (LINK).

“The Nation is in desperate need of a fiscal diet. Spending nearly $5,000,000,000,000 on the combined infrastructure bills is no way to temper run-away inflation, a worker shortage, and worst of all: massive debt, incurred while increasing taxes on small businesses while giving high-earners in blue states tax cuts, decreasing health care innovation to the detriment of our most vulnerable patients, and stripping U.S. companies of their competitive edge internationally. While I applaud the bipartisan work in the Senate to deal with critical infrastructure, the insistence of Speaker Pelosi to link the two bills only adds to a government that is infatuated with itself and the mistaken idea that the federal government is the answer to all our problems. These bills may be attractive to the many who see money coming their way, but it is not the Utah way— nor is it the way I vote.”