Rep. Stewart’s statement on the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) released the following statement regarding the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

“President Biden did not just allow this crisis – he constructed it. Now, he’s nowhere to be found. Yesterday, for the first time in nearly a full week, President Biden took questions on an international catastrophe that impacts American citizens and allies alike. In a stunning display of denial, he claimed there were no mistakes made in this demonstration of inept leadership.

“We need strong leadership to fix this mess. That starts with taking responsibility for one’s mistakes and charting a new path forward.

“First, the safety of American citizens in Afghanistan needs to be prioritized above all else. We need to secure the Kabul airport, and ensure safe passage to the airport, for all U.S. citizens to make it home. Once all American citizens have been evacuated, Afghan Special Immigrant Visa holders must be invited to board flights. We also need to accelerate our efforts – including by working with our allies, partners, and NGOs – to identify and assist Afghans eligible for P1 or P2 refugee status, and other Afghans at risk.

“The most fundamental duty of our commander-in-chief is to protect and defend the American people. President Biden is failing to uphold this sacred duty. Right now, thousands of American citizens and partners are in hostile territory with no guarantee of safety. Meanwhile, our president is just now starting to take questions on the issue. This crisis will not solve itself – President Biden needs to take responsibility for the situation and start operating with a supreme sense of urgency.”