Gov. Cox, Lt. Gov. Henderson, President Adams and Speaker Wilson respond to federal government vaccine mandates

Gov. Spencer J. Cox and Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson stand united with legislative leadership and join President J. Stuart Adams and Speaker Brad Wilson against the egregious federal mandates and overreach regarding President Biden’s mandate on COVID-19 vaccines:

“The president’s unilateral decision to force American businesses to mandate COVID-19 vaccines as a condition of employment grossly exceeds his authority. Not only is this mandate contrary to his previous promises, but this declaration violates the principles and processes that are the bedrock of good government. As elected officials, we will not turn a blind eye to this power grab and will do our part to uphold the principles of separation of powers and individual liberty.

“We reaffirm our continued support for the vaccination effort. Vaccines have proven to be the most effective measure we can take to reduce the strain on our hospitals and save lives. However, requiring employers to force these decisions upon their employees is not the proper role of government and should not become the new precedent.”