Sen. Lee fights against Biden’s vaccine mandate

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced 12 bills counteracting Pres. Biden’s vaccine mandate and is asking one-by-one that the Senate adopt the measures to protect millions of Americans at risk of unemployment due to the mandate.  In recent weeks, Lee has spoken on the Senate floor eight times and each time has asked the Senate to pass a different one of his bills countering the mandate.

On Tuesday, September 28, Lee spoke on S. 2850, the Biden Can’t Force Me Act, which would require exemptions from the mandate for Americans with sincerely held beliefs. 

On Wednesday, September 29, Lee spoke on S. 2840, the Don’t Jab Me Act, which would provide a private right of action to those harmed by the mandate.

On Thursday, September 30, Lee spoke on S. 2843, the No Taxation Without Congressional Consent Act, which would prevent the implementation of COVID-19 vaccine mandate fines that have not been passed by Congress.

On Tuesday, October 5, Lee spoke on S. 2848, the Your Health Comes First Act, which would exempt individuals with personal health concerns from the federal vaccine mandate.

On Thursday, October 7, Lee spoke on S. 2846, the Natural Immunity is Real Act, which would require any federal vaccine mandate to consider natural immunity.

On Tuesday, October 19, Lee spoke on S. 2847, the Let Me Travel America Act, which would prohibit executive action requiring vaccination for interstate travel.

On Wednesday, October 20, Lee spoke on S. 2842, the Respecting Our Servicemembers Act, which would prevent a military vaccine mandate from harming servicemembers.

On Thursday, October 21, Lee spoke on S. 2988, the Parental Consent for Vaccination Act, which would require that any federal vaccine mandate must include a requirement that informed parental consent be provided for the administration of a COVID-19 vaccine to a minor.

Of the mandate, Sen. Lee said, “The federal government has no business mandating COVID-19 vaccination for all Americans. I have now heard from almost 300 Utahns who are at risk of losing their jobs due to this mandate, and the number continues to grow.”  He continued,“These are everyday Americans.  These are folks concerned about providing for their families.  People with preexisting medical conditions like autoimmune disorders.  These are pregnant mothers who are concerned about their safety and that of their unborn children.  Some of these people are the heroes of yesterday.  They are first responders, medical professionals, and essential workers who sacrificed to carry our nation through the hardest days of the pandemic.  And they’re still heroes today.  These Americans are not the enemy…So Madam President, I am here today, and I’ll be back tomorrow and fighting against this mandate for as long as it takes.”