Legislative Redistricting Committee chairs release proposed maps

The Legislative Redistricting Committee co-chairs, Sen. Scott Sandall and Rep. Paul Ray, released their proposed maps for the 2021 redistricting process. The public will have time to review the chairs’ proposed congressional, legislative and school board districts maps prior to the committee’s meeting on Monday, November 8, as well as provide comments in person and online.

“After listening to Utahns and touring the state, Rep. Ray and I created maps that we believe incorporate the interests of all Utahns,” said Sen. Sandall. “The congressional map we propose has all four delegates representing both urban and rural parts of the state. Rural Utah is the reason there is food, water and energy in urban areas of the state. We are one Utah and believe both urban and rural interests should be represented in Washington, D.C. by the entire federal delegation.”

“The Legislature has the constitutional responsibility to divide the state into electoral districts,” said Rep. Ray. “Sen. Sandall and I have worked tirelessly to come up with boundaries that best represent the diverse interests of the people we were elected to represent. I am grateful for the feedback we received directly from the local communities and look forward to discussing our maps with the committee and full Legislature.”

The chairs of the Legislative Redistricting Committee considered and implemented input from the public, minority and majority lawmakers, and the Independent Redistricting Commission. Sen. Sandall and Rep. Ray will present the proposed map during Monday’s meeting. The committee will then vote on the maps to recommend for the full Legislature’s consideration. View the chairs’ proposed maps here (under “committee chairs proposal”).

The Legislature’s special session to adopt maps will begin on Tuesday, November 9. Maps will be finalized later this month to give the county clerk’s time to enter data prior to the candidacy filing period.

View additional information at redistricting.utah.gov.