United Utah Party calls for a robust independent redistricting commission

Party condemns legislature’s maps as a “severe disappointment,” calls for a “genuinely impactful” Independent Redistricting Commission

The legislature released their proposed federal and state district maps for the next decade of elections this weekend. “These maps are a severe disappointment. They’re heavily gerrymandered, dividing up communities and ignoring the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box and at the many hearings the Independent Redistricting Commission held statewide,” said Hillary Stirling, United Utah Party Chair.

Stirling reiterated the need for a robust Independent Redistricting Commission. “We need a truly independent commission, one that cannot be simply ignored by the legislature.  This commission conveys the expressed will of the people, and the legislature should not be able to trample the people’s will for the sake of partisan ambition.”

The independent redistricting commission is the result of a 2018 ballot initiative passed by Utah voters. The commission has spent months conducting hearings statewide and has incorporated that feedback into the maps they’ve proposed. They’ve also received maps directly from voters. In contrast, the legislature has canceled scheduled hearings for voter feedback on their proposed maps.

“In light of the legislature’s blatant disregard for the current redistricting commission, another ballot initiative is warranted,” Stirling added.  “In 2018, the initiative backers deferred to the legislature and the result is a weakened and ultimately irrelevant redistricting commission. This time, we need to create a genuinely impactful independent redistricting commission.”
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