DAY 15: Sen. Lee continues fight against Biden’s vaccine mandate

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), for the fifteenth day, spoke against President Biden’s vaccine mandate on the Senate Floor today (Nov. 16) and reviewed the dozen bills that he has offered that have each been rejected by Democrats.

Senator Lee also shared his thoughts regarding the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to halt President Biden’s vaccine mandate.  Sen. Lee said, “Thankfully, while some in this body have floundered, judges on the Fifth Circuit fulfilled their duty to the American people and the Constitution.  That does not mean, however, that this fight is anywhere near over.  I will continue this fight here.  I will stand for those Utahns and Americans who are at risk because of this mandate.  So, yes, Mr. President, I will be back tomorrow, and as long as it takes.  I will not stop until we win this fight.”  

Lee will return to continue his effort against the mandate in coming days.