Gov. Cox signs 10 bills

Today, Gov. Spencer J. Cox signed 10 bills. This brings the total number of signed pieces of legislation from the 2021 Special Legislative Session to 12. All of the bills from the special session have now been signed. Information on these bills can be found below.

HB2002Unemployment Insurance Rates Amendments, Lisonbee, K.
HB2003Pretrial Amendments. Pitcher, S.
HB2005Utah State House Boundaries Designation. Ray, P.
HCR201Concurrent Resolution Urging Congress and the President to Protect Consumer Privacy in Banking and Financial Transactions. Ferry, J.
SB2001Election Schedule Amendments. Harper, W.
SB2002Interlocal Cooperation Act Amendments. Owens, D.R.
SB2003State Flag Amendments. McCay, D.
SB2004Workplace Covid-19 Amendments. Cullimore, K. A.
SB2005State Board of Education Boundaries and Election Designation. Sandall, S.
SB2006Utah State Senate Boundaries and Election Designation. Sandall, S.