DAY 19: Sen. Lee continues fight against Biden’s vaccine mandate

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), for the nineteenth day, spoke against President Biden’s vaccine mandate on the Senate Floor today (Dec. 2).  He also spoke about his letter with fourteen other Senators stating their intention to oppose any funding measure that supports the mandate.  He explained that due to denial and delay of Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, he is requesting a simple majority vote on one amendment to grant his consent to pass the funding measure in a short time period.

Sen. Lee said, “Senator Schumer is in a bind due to his own delay and denial, he is asking all of us to help him.  I have offered a simple solution.  I am not asking that a poison pill or a pet project be included.  I am not asking for dramatic reforms or draconian cuts.  I just want a vote on one amendment.  I want the members of this body to go on the record on funding President Biden’s vaccine mandate.”

He continued, “If Senator Schumer wants to avoid this vote so badly that he will shut down the government rather than hold it, he should explain why.  We can fix this situation right now.  Let’s hold a vote.”

The full text of the letter can be read here.

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