Sen. Lee grills Instagram CEO

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) questioned Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, in a Senate Commerce Committee hearing today regarding the platform’s algorithm providing and even recommending dangerous content to children. 

Sen. Lee had staff create an account for a fictitious thirteen-year-old girl which, after following a recommended celebrity account, recommended content on plastic surgery, sexualization of women, and body dysmorphia-promoting content.  He also questioned Mr. Mosseri on a Tech Transparency Project report that kids can use Instagram to find drug dealers in just two clicks.  This questioning follows a report from Sen. Lee’s Joint Economic Committee highlighting the impacts of Instagram on teen girls’ mental health.

Of Instagram, Sen. Lee said, I am running out of patience with a company that has told us over and over again ‘We are so concerned about your children.  We are so concerned we are commissioning a blue ribbon study or doing a review.’ and stuff like this is still happening.”