Mayor Wilson releases statement on Salt Lake County’s decision to amend canyon ordinance related to mineral extraction

On Friday, December 10 Salt Lake County Council voted in a special meeting to begin the process to amend a section of the County code to eliminate mineral extraction and processing as a conditional use in forestry and recreation zones.

Following the action Mayor Wilson’s administration and County Council have taken, Mayor Wilson is issuing the following statement:

Salt Lake County prioritizes our environment and recreation, and we demonstrated those values today. The message from Salt Lake County is clear: we will fight to protect our canyons. I want to thank the Council, my planning staff, and the District Attorney for their swift action today and acknowledge the outpouring of public concern about proposed extraction operations.

Creating new mining or extraction operations in our critical wildland-urban interface areas should not be allowed by County ordinance.

My priority is to support recreation, clean air and water, and the preservation of our canyon’s precious areas, especially as we see increased demand for use. The County’s actions today further my administration’s ongoing efforts to manage and safeguard our canyon areas for today and future generations.