Mike Winder appointed Millcreek City Manager, won’t seek reelection

In a unanimous vote Monday night, the Millcreek City Council appointed Mike Winder to serve as City  Manager. Previous City Manager John Geilmann retired in 2020, and Mayor Jeff Silvestrini has been  acting as city manager during the transition.  

“Since his appointment as Assistant City Manager, Mike has gained the confidence of all of our city  department heads and the members of the city council,” said Mayor Silvestrini. “He has and will  continue to serve our business community as Economic Development Director.” The mayor continued,  “Mike has been innovative and has demonstrated superior skills and a collaborative temperament. I look  forward to working with Mike in this expanded role and I am confident that we will remain a great team  serving the interests of our residents.” 

Winder has been Millcreek’s Assistant City Manager since January and has served as the city’s Economic  Development Director since February 2018, a role he will continue in addition to his new responsibilities.  He brings previous municipal experience as West Valley City’s business development manager, city  councilman, and mayor, where he chaired the Salt Lake Valley Conference of Mayors and was president  of the Utah League of Cities and Towns. He holds an Honors BA and MBA from the University of Utah  and completed an executive program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. 

The city manager appointment takes effect March 7, 2022, following the conclusion of Utah’s legislative  session. Winder is a member of the Utah House of Representatives and announced that with this new  position he will complete his third term, but not seek reelection in 2022. 

“I have enjoyed my fourteen years in elected office, and I will dearly miss the great people I serve within  the legislature,” Winder said. “However, I love local government and as Utah’s newest city there are  tremendous opportunities at Millcreek. I’m excited to continue my work with the amazing team and  community here,” he said.

“Representative Winder is a devoted public servant who is deeply dedicated to his work,” said Speaker  Brad Wilson. “During his time in the House, Representative Winder has been a strong advocate for  mental health, apprenticeship programs, education, and the Jordan River corridor. While he will be  missed in the Legislature, I know he will continue to find ways to serve his community and the state  beyond this role.”