Majority Leader Mike Schultz issues statement on government mandates, encourages Utahns to take personal responsibility

Over the weekend, Salt Lake County’s mask mandate went into effect, requiring all in the county to wear a mask for the next month. I’m calling on them, and other jurisdictions in the state, to reconsider their actions. Instead, they should be focused on providing the best information possible to their residents regarding masks, vaccinations, and other prevention measures as well as early treatment information to prevent hospitalizations.

While they may be well-intended, government mandates are not the answer. They have resulted in unnecessary divisiveness that is tearing our communities and our state apart.

While I stand adamantly against government mandates, I believe it is imperative for all of us to take personal responsibility to decrease our risk of infection, reduce the burden on our healthcare workers, and protect those around us. Among other things, we should stay home when sick, telework when possible, practice good personal hygiene, and most importantly, live a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, Utahns should work with their healthcare provider to discuss whether to be vaccinated and what treatment options are available should they get sick.

We must come together, take responsibility for our own actions, and look to the future with optimism and we can do all of that without the heavy hand of the government.