McMullin for Utah announces record-breaking fundraising in first three months

McMullin for Utah announced Tuesday that the campaign raised over $1 million in its first three months. This is a first in the state’s history. It is more than any Senate challenger in Utah has ever raised in a single quarter. It is also more than any other Senate candidate with the exception of Sen. Orrin Hatch in 2012 and more than Sen. Mike Lee has raised in any previous quarter.

“I’m humbled and inspired by the coalition we’re building,” Evan McMullin said. “Thousands of Utahns – Republicans, Democrats and independents – are demanding change and have stepped up to support our campaign. I’m grateful for everyone who has sacrificed to contribute to this effort. It’s evidence of Utahns’ rejection of the broken politics of Washington and demand for new leadership that puts Utah’s interests first.”

“This is a grassroots movement inspired by the fact that our politics need to change and that Utah can lead the way,” added Andrew Roberts, campaign manager for McMullin for Utah. “A majority of our contributions came from inside Utah, not from a political party or from special interest groups in Washington, D.C.

The full McMullin for Utah campaign finance report will be available later this month.