Rep. Stewart joins Maria Bartiromo to discuss Russia, midterms, and the filibuster

Wednesday morning, Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT) joined Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria to discuss NATO’s ongoing negotiations with Russia; the upcoming midterm elections; and Democrats’ hypocritical attempt at abolishing the filibuster.

Highlights of the interview are below, or watch online here.

Russia’s Aggression:

“Does anybody look at [President Biden] after the debacle in Afghanistan, as well as many of his other foreign policy mistakes and blunders, and have confidence? Do you think Vladimir Putin sits across from Biden and respects him, or fears him? I promise you he doesn’t, which is why [Putin] is now saying, ‘It’s time for me to take Ukraine.’ He essentially wants to reorder the entire European security apparatus. He’s threatening to do something that hasn’t been done in Europe for 70 years, and that’s to go invade an independent and free country.

“I would not advocate for U.S. soldiers to be sent to Ukraine to defend it, and we shouldn’t have to do that. We don’t have to do that. We could dissuade Vladimir Putin from invading if [President Biden] would take several steps, but he hasn’t been willing to do that yet.”

The Midterm Elections:

“Many of us are very, very confident. We will take the House. Republicans will take the House. I don’t think there’s a single Democrat who doesn’t believe that, and that’s why you’re seeing these [Democrat] retirements. And it’s also important to note that they’re not afraid of losing the House for just two years – they’re looking at 2024 and saying, ‘Gosh, how in the world do we win the presidency?’”

Defending the Filibuster:

“A few years ago, no [Democrats] supported eliminating the filibuster. The hypocrisy of this can’t be overstated. But it shows how important H.R. 1 is to [Democrats] – this voting bill – because it’s their only hope of maintaining power and willing elections…

“The vast majority of Americans – Republicans, Independents, and Democrats – support having to require identification before you vote. That’s not a partisan issue. And this bill that [Democrats] are trying to push through by eliminating the filibuster makes it illegal to require identification before you vote.”