Rep. Curtis calls for bipartisan work on election laws

Following the U.S. House of Representatives vote today on voting issues, Congressman John Curtis released the following statement:

“I am proud that Utah has a proven election system that is well run and secure,” said Rep. Curtis. “Voting is a fundamental right that I believe all American citizens should exercise and I will always work to preserve.

Unfortunately, this week, I was presented a bill that would place many new mandates on Utah and federalize our election process, ultimately moving the power to run Utah’s elections further from the people it impacts. Even worse, I was given this over 700-page bill with less than 24 hours to review it. It is in my view wrong, and dangerous, to have Congress vote on the complete overhaul of American elections without even giving members time to read the bill.  Moving forward, I hope Congress can work in a bipartisan manner to ensure all Americans can exercise our right to vote and elections are secure.”