Sen. Lee shares ‘Return Utah’ success story in JEC hearing

Ranking Member Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) shared an illustrative story from the Return Utah program in today’s Joint Economic Committee hearing on older workers. The new workforce training initiative, created by Utah’s Lieutenant Governor Deidre Henderson, is designed to help Utahns who are looking for work after an extended absence.

During the Ranking Member’s opening remarks, he said:

“Ultimately, a thriving, unencumbered economy is the best way to allow older Americans to make the choices best suited for themselves and their families—whether that’s spending more time with the kids and grandkids, volunteering in a local congregation, maintaining a long healthy working life, or all of the above.”

Read Ranking Member Lee’s full remarks HERE, and testimony from Dr. Andrew Biggs, Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, HERE

The Joint Economic Committee is Congress’s bicameral economic research center and home of the Social Capital Project, led by Ranking Member Mike Lee.