Tina Cannon announces run for Utah’s First Congressional District

Tina Cannon has announced the launch of her campaign for Congressional District 1 (CD1) in the United States House of Representatives. As a former Morgan County councilmember and local small business owner, Cannon devoted her entire life to serving her community and aims to bring her extensive experience and forward-thinking leadership to Capitol Hill in representing CD1 constituents in Washington D.C.

As a life-long Republican, Cannon has more than 20 years of experience in public service. Her  two terms as a Morgan County councilmember have given her the valuable skills needed to represent Utah in Congress. “Representing a small county means reaching out, working together and building a coalition of support and consensus with other community leaders. It is the only way I have ever been able to get things done.”  

Her years of service within the Utah Republican Party has kept Cannon connected to the values and priorities of those she will represent. “I am running for Congressional District 1 because I strongly believe our constituents need an experienced, dedicated leader to refocus federal fiscal policy making around our core Republican principles,” said Cannon. “If elected, I will represent my constituents by promoting Utah’s values such as controlling federal spending, balancing federal budgets, limiting the size and scope of government programs, simplifying federal taxation and local control.”

Cannon’s dedication to ensuring that her Congressional District 1 was represented by a strong Republican voice began when she volunteered for Rob Bishop’s first congressional campaign. “I whole-heartedly endorse Tina Cannon as the best candidate for Congressional District 1,” said Rob Bishop, former U.S. Representative for CD1. “In the many years I have worked with Tina, she has led with forward-thinking, conservative ideals and is well-equipped to represent Utah’s First Congressional District in Congress.”

Over her 25-year career specializing in small business taxation, Cannon understands the truth behind Daniel Webster’s quote “the power to tax is the power to destroy or control”. She understands the challenges faced by local businesses and will fight to reduce unnecessary and burdensome federal regulations. “I am a consensus builder who has a proven track record for getting things done,” said Cannon. “As a member of Congress, I understand that all across Utah, families are balancing their budgets and paying down their debts.  If Utah’s families can do it, the federal government can as well.

Tina Cannon is a fourth generation Utahn who has lived, worked and served in Congressional District 1 her entire life. She was born and raised in Box Elder County, is a graduate of Utah State University. Her husband, David has spent 35 years in the Aerospace Industry in Northern Utah.  For the past 28 years, Tina and Dave have called Davis, Weber and Morgan County home, raised their four children, and stayed active in their community. 

Tina is a small business owner and entrepreneur who has specialized in Federal, State, Local and Employment taxation for 25 years.  Owning her own accounting company for over 15  years and has served hundreds of small businesses across Utah. She has served as an IEP Coach and Parent Advocate for the Utah Parent Center, Two terms as a Morgan County Council Member, as a Republican Party County Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer; and as a full time missionary for her church.  Her life-long service to her family and community contributed to her being named Utah Mother of the Year in 2018.