Local business leaders to provide entrepreneurial mentorship for high school seniors

A new program for high school seniors is coming to Salt Lake County. 

Business leaders in the community and Granite School District have partnered to launch the CEO, or Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Program giving high school seniors the opportunity and skills to create businesses of their own. The program effectively creates a bridge between the business community and the schools.

The Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship created the CEO program as a way to provide high school students of all skill sets and backgrounds the opportunity to be successful in a transformational experience that inspires entrepreneurial thinking and develops the workforce of tomorrow. Created in 2008, the program has grown to 64 programs in seven states, this being the first of its kind in Utah.

The program is different from any other class taken in a high school.  Students will learn by visiting 30+ businesses throughout the year, hear from 30+ guest speakers that are business leaders in the community, and work together on a class business to learn the skills necessary to run their own business.

The students will also be paired with a local business leader that will act as a mentor in helping them start their own business.  They will use class time to create and work on their business plan and create a real, functioning business.  At the conclusion of the year, students will sell their own product or service at the Annual Trade Show that showcases student-owned businesses.

“I am thrilled about the enthusiasm that the local business community has shown for this new program.  The quality of the mentors, hosts, speakers, and investors who have committed to participate for the 2022-23 school year (and beyond) is world-class.  Combining that with the aptitude and experience from the class’s outstanding teacher/facilitator and support and expertise from the Granite School District should provide a one-of-a-kind learning experience for the students who are lucky enough to be selected for the program.  I believe this class will become a staple in our community for the foreseeable future, guiding, supporting and inspiring future business leaders in our community.”  Matt Thomas, CFO Centeva, Granite CEO Board Chair

Students learn about professionalism and essential life skills in communication and time management, for example. They explore career opportunities and are encouraged to develop relationships with community leaders.  Students of all skill sets and backgrounds have the opportunity to be successful in this class, provided they are hard-working, trustworthy and willing to take on an exciting challenge.

Twenty students will be chosen to participate in the program that is set to begin its inaugural year in the Fall of 2022.  Applications for high school juniors are available now at www.GraniteCEO.com and will close on March 14th, 2022.

Program expenses are funded primarily by local businesses with Granite School District providing the facilitator. If you are interested in supporting the program as an investor, guest speaker, or site visit for students to tour your business, sign up at www.GraniteCEO.com.

The program will be hosted by Granite Technical Institute and all Granite School District High School Juniors are eligible to sign up. Students from across Salt Lake County are welcome to apply, but should verify eligibility with the GTI prior to beginning the application.

For more information, visit www.GraniteCEO.com or call (385)646-4629.