United Utah Party announces 2022 candidates

The United Utah Party is pleased to announce that it has 24 candidates running for office this year. These include one statewide office, two Congressional offices, three countywide offices, and eighteen seats in the Utah State Legislature.  “We are proud to have so many excellent candidates running with us this year,” says Hillary Stirling, UUP Chair. “All across the state people recognize the need for moderate and accountable leadership. Our candidates are the right people for the job.” The UUP presents a platform centered around political moderation, cross-partisan dialogue, and governmental accountability. “We hope everyone who agrees with our message can support our candidates’ campaigns and vote for them in November.”

Two UUP candidates, Jay Mcfarland and January Walker, are running for the U.S. House of Representatives.  In several state races, the UUP is challenging GOP incumbents with no Democratic challengers, giving moderate and left-leaning Utahns a choice.  These races include State Treasurer, Senate District 28, and Senate District 7, where Kimberly Wagner is challenging Utah Senate President Stuart Adams.  In other state races, the UUP is challenging Democratic incumbents, providing an appealing option for moderate Utahns in those districts. In seven races, the UUP candidate is the only opposition against an incumbent who would otherwise have run unopposed.  “Many Utahns are discouraged by the political process because they feel like there’s nobody on the ballot who reflects their views,” Stirling says. “The United Utah Party gives a viable choice to Utahns across a broad political spectrum by offering reasonable candidates that they can support.

“Our message is about giving a voice and a vote to the large portion of Utahns who identify as moderate, finding and building on common ground, and bringing accountability back to state government,” says Stirling. “Each person running with our party believes in uniting people instead of dividing them so that we can solve problems together. We invite everyone to hear what we have to say and help us in our efforts.” The UUP is hosting annual caucuses at locations throughout the state on March 8 at 7:00 pm, as well as a virtual caucus on our website at unitedutah.org.For more information about UUP candidates or the party platform, please visit http://unitedutah.org.