Rep. Stewart’s statement on President Zelenskyy’s address to Congress

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) released the following statement regarding Ukrainian President Zelensky’s address to Congress.

“Ukrainian President Zelensky has proven to be the man for the moment as he rallies his country and the world to resist Putin’s aggression. This morning’s remarks were a powerful reminder of what it means to fight for freedom. It is clearly a moment for Congress to speak with one voice by passing strong, bipartisan legislation that cripples Russia and delivers humanitarian, security, and economic assistance to Ukraine.

“President Zelensky’s request for increased sanctions on Russia should be met immediately. They will make the war harder and harder for Putin to fund, and they are already increasing the economic and political costs of waging it. President Zelensky’s request for additional military aid should also be met, including the Polish MiG-29 fighter jets and any other equipment the Ukrainian military deems essential. However, I do not support the implementation of a no-fly zone. I believe the U.S. and our NATO Allies can provide Ukraine with the necessary equipment to deter Russia without risking a dramatic escalation.

“The world owes a great debt to the heroic people of Ukraine. Their resistance against fearsome odds is an inspiration and has awakened the world to the menace of the Kremlin autocrat. The stakes of this war are very high, including for American interests. We must continue to isolate Putin and send a message to the Russian people that their ruler is taking them down a blind alley. And we must continue supporting the brave people of Ukraine’s fight for freedom.”