Governor signs 67 bills of the 2022 General Legislative Session

Today, Gov. Spencer J. Cox signed 67 bills. This brings the total number of signed pieces of legislation from the 2022 General Legislative Session to 121. Information on these bills can be found below. 

HB 46Utah Energy Infrastructure Amendments. Albrecht, C.
HB 62Big Game Amendments. Snider, C.
HB 68Commercial Driver License Amendments. Burton, J.
HB 76Vehicle Merger Amendments. Brammer, B.
HB 88License Plate Revisions. Handy, S.
HB 108Vehicle Inspection Amendments. Brooks, W.
HB 121Water Conservation Modifications. Spendlove, R.
HB 131Watershed Restoration Initiative. Bennion, G.
HB 141Target Shooting Regulations. Whyte, S.
HB 142Donation of Food. Ferry, J.
HB 157Sovereign Lands Revenue Amendments. Hawkes, T.
HB 160State Resource Management Plan Amendments. Stratton, K.
HB 186Vehicle Registration Amendments. Ward, R.
HB 206Outdoor Recreation Related Education. Chew, S.
HB 231Fishing and Hunting Restrictions for Nonpayment of Child Support. Lisonbee, K.
HB 232Utah Lake Authority. Brammer, B.
HB 240Utah Lake Amendments. Stratton, K.
HB 242Secondary Water Metering Amendments. Peterson, V.
HB 244Geological Carbon Sequestration Amendments. Handy, S.
HB 254Utah State Railroad Museum Authority Amendments. Brooks,W.
HB 259Law Enforcement Use of Unmanned Aircraft. Wilcox, R.
HB 263Utah Watersheds Council Amendments. Chew, S.
HB 269Capital Assets Related to Water. Stratton, K.
HB 297Local Food Advisory Council Amendments. Handy, S.
HB 305Natural Resources Revisions. Ferry, J.
HB 322Public Transit Capital Development Modifications. Christofferson, K.
HB 334State Engineer Modifications. Hawkes, T.
HB 377Water Rights Adjudication Amendments. Kohler, M.
HB 378Mining Operations Amendments. Lund, S.
HB 383Agency Fee Assessment Amendments. Christofferson, K.
HB 385Hemp and CBD Amendments. Dailey-Provost, J.
HB 393Water Reporting Amendments. Ferry, J.
HB 404Large Public Transit District Amendments. Ballard, M.
HB 409Recreation Infrastructure Amendments. Snider, C.
HB 410Great Salt Lake Watershed Enhancement. Wilson, B.
HB 423Department of Agriculture and Food Amendments. Ferry, J. 
HB 427Wildlife Accident Protections. Owens D.
HB 429Great Salt Lake Amendments. Miles, K.
HB 443Utah Inland Port Authority Amendments. Schultz, M.
HCR 13Concurrent Resolution Creating the Bridal Veil Falls State Monument. Stratton, K.
SB 13State Road Jurisdiction Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 17Grazing Advisory Board Amendments. Sandall, S.
SB 31Water Rights Proofs on Small Amounts of Water. Sandall, S.
SB 66Electric Assisted Bicycle Use Amendments. Weiler,T.
SB 68Trespass Penalty Amendments. Sandall, S.
SB 72ATV Weight Limit Amendments. Hinkins, D.
SB 75Fine Amendments. Fillmore, L.
SB 89Water Amendments. Iwamoto, J.
SB 99Electronic Vehicle Registration Amendments. Weiler, T.
SB 109Towing Amendments. McKell, M.
SB 122Unmanned Aircraft Amendments. Kennedy, M.
SB 133Food Security Amendments. Escamilla, L.
SB 136Air Quality Policy Amendments. Escamilla, L.
SB 146Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining Amendments. Winterton, R.
SB 153Medical Cannabis Governance Study. Davis, G.
SB 160Colorado River Authority of Utah Amendments. Winterton, R.
SB 166Aviation Amendments. Harper, W.
SB 188Energy Efficiency Amendments. Cullimore, K.
SB 202Right-of-way Disposal Amendments. McCay, D.
SB 205Air Rifle Hunting Amendments. Cullimore, K.
SB 209Veterinarian Regulations Amendments. McKell, M.
SB 215Railroad Crossing Modifications. Mayne, K.
SB 216Modifications to Driver License Examination. Escamilla, L.
SB 221Water Related Sales and Use Tax Amendments. Hinkins, D.
SB 235Department of Transportation Adjudication Process Revisions. Anderegg, J.
SB 250Mineral Exploration Tax Credit. Hinkins, D.
SB 254Government Records Access Revisions. Cullimore, K.