Governor signs 64 bills of the 2022 General Legislative Session

Today, Gov. Spencer J. Cox signed 64 bills. This brings the total number of signed pieces of legislation from the 2022 General Legislative Session to 207. Information on these bills can be found below. 

HB 16Emergency Response Amendments. Dunnigan, J.
HB 18Intimate Image Distribution Amendments. Collard,C.
HB 19DNA Specimen Analysis Amendments. Eliason, S.
HB 23First Responder Mental Health Services Amendments. Wilcox, R.
HB 28Offender Supervision Amendments. Lisonbee, K.
HB 29Driving Offenses Amendments. Acton, C.
HB 32Health Care Worker Protection Amendments. Spendlove, R.
HB 65Forensic Biological Evidence Preservation. King, B.
HB 70Public Safety Disability Benefits Amendments. Gwynn, M.
HB 77Medication for Inmates. Dailey – Provost, J.
HB 81Sexual Solicitation Amendments. Pulsipher, S.
HB 94Post Council Membership Amendments. Winder, M.
HB 123Use of Force Revisions. Birkeland, K.
HB 124Forcible Entry Warrants. Gwynn, M.
HB 126Division of Juvenile Justice Services Rulemaking Amendments. Romero, A.
HB 134Victim’s Rights Revisions. Rohner, J.
HB 137DUI Amendments. Eliason, S.
HB 138Juvenile Justice Modifications. Judkins, M.
HB 139Traffic Violation Amendments. Teuscher, J.
HB 143DUI Penalty Amendments. Nelson, M.
HB 149Power of Attorney Amendments. Ballard. M. 
HB 152Community Correctional Center Revisions. Musselman, C.
HB 155Veteran Access to State Parks. Schultz, M.
HB 167Mental Illness Psychotherapy Drug Task Force. Brammer, B.
HB 175Protection of Animals Amendments. Romero, A.
HB 180Off-road Vehicle Safety Education. Albrecht, C. 
HB 194Department of Corrections Education Services. Ballard, M.
HB 208Domestic Violence Offender Treatment Board. Snow, L. 
HB 222Driving Privilege Card Amendments. Robertson, A. 
HB 226Higher Education and Corrections Council. Snow, L.
HB 228Crime Victim Reparations Amendments. Ivory, K.
HB 236Behavioral Health Amendments. Eliason, S.
HB 260Law Enforcement Recording Release Amendments. Wheatley, M.
HB 277Juvenile Competency Amendments. King, B.
HB 280Cybersecurity Commission. Handy, S. 
HB 295Physician Workforce Amendments. Maloy, C. 
HB 299Juvenile Justice Changes. Snow, L. 
HB 314Inheritance Disqualification Amendments. Stoddard, A. 
HB 328Driver License and License Plate Amendments. Pitcher, S. 
HB 329Weapon Possession Penalty Amendments. Teuscher, J.
HB 336Vehicle Registration Modifications. Pitcher, S. 
HB 353False Emergency Reporting Amendments. Matthews, A. 
HB 391Autocycle Amendments. Christofferson, K. 
HB 402Uninsured Motorist Amendments. Waldrip, S.
HB 434Theft by Extortion Amendments. Abbott, N. 
HB 442Marijuana Definitions Amendments. Gwynn, M.
SB 24Utah Retirement Systems Revisions. Harper, W. 
SB 36Emergency Management Administration Council Sunset Extension. Gover, K.
SB 37Search and Rescue Advisory Board Sunset Extension. Grover, K. 
SB 40Utah Protection of Public Employees Act Amendments. Thatcher, D. 
SB 50Criminal Code Evaluation Task Force Sunset Extension. Iwamoto, J. 
SB 53Driver Speeding Amendments. Iwamoto, J. 
SB 65Asset Forfeiture Amendments. Weiler, T. 
SB 77Military Vehicle License Plate Amendments. Harper, W. 
SB 123Criminal Code Recodification Cross References. Mayne, K. 
SB 126Officer Intervention and Reporting Amendments. Iwamoto, J. 
SB 149Tinted Vehicle Windows Amendments. McCay, D. 
SB 156Protection Against Extortion Amendments. Thatcher, D. 
SB 167Sexual Exploitation Amendments. Wilson, C. 
SB 179Criminal Justice Amendments. Weiler, T. 
SB 207Wrongful Death Action Amendments. Weiler, T. 
SB 229Post Disaster Recovery and Mitigation Restricted Account Amendments. McKell, M.
SB 248BCI Background Check Amendments. Anderegg, J.
SCR 1Concurrent Resolution Authorizing State Pick up of Public Safety andFirefighter Employee Retirement Contributions. Harper, W.