Governor signs 23 bills of the 2022 General Legislative Session

Today, Gov. Spencer J. Cox signed 23 bills. This brings the total number of signed pieces of legislation from the 2022 General Legislative Session to 230. Information on these bills can be found below. 

HB 2New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act. Last, B.
HB 26Renter’s Credit Amendments. Eliason, S.
HB 104State Employment Amendments. Christofferson, K
HB 173Jordan River Recreation Area Amendments. Winder, M.
HB 268Sales and Income Tax Amendments. Brammer, B.
HB 347Property Tax Exemption Amendments. Welton, D.
HB 386Education Innovation Program. Welton, D.
HB 438Point of the Mountain State Land Authority Amendments. Snow, V.
HB 444Income Tax Revisions. Spendlove, R.
SB 20Property Tax Amendments. Bramble, C.
SB 25Property Tax Deferral Amendments. Fillmore, C.
SB 39Mobile Workforce Income Tax Amendments. Bramble, C.
SB 41Behavioral Health Services Amendments. Kennedy, M. 
SB 48Income Tax Modifications. McCay, D. 
SB 61Delinquent Property Tax Collection Amendments. Harper, W. 
SB 62Special Needs Opportunity Scholarship Program Amendments. Fillmore, L.
SB 76Targeted Business Income Tax Credit Amendments. McCay, D. 
SB 81Affordable Housing Tax Amendments. Iwamoto, J. 
SB 106Electrical Facility Sales Tax Exemption. Ipson, D. 
SB 162County Governance Amendments. McKell, M.
SB 174Pollution Control Equipment Tax Amendments. Vickers, E. 
SB 200Revisions to Property Tax. Harper, W. 
SB 219Election Funding Amendments. Grover, K.