Congressman Blake Moore introduces the Protecting Energy Independence and Transparency Act to hold Biden Administration accountable for delays in energy permitting and leasing process

Today, Congressman Blake Moore introduced the Protecting Energy Independence and Transparency Act to hold the Biden Administration accountable for their consequential delays in the domestic energy permitting and leasing process. 

Despite a statutory requirement to issue permits within 30 days, there are currently over 4,600 permits to drill still pending at the Department of the Interior. The Promoting Energy Independence and Transparency Act will require issuance of Applications for Permits to Drill (APDs) that have successfully completed environmental review and hold the Biden Administration accountable for the delays in permit issuances at a time when America desperately needs to lessen our dependence on foreign energy sources.

“Since President Biden took office, his policies have directly stalled our domestic oil and gas production, raising costs for American families and leaving us dependent on corrupt nations—including Russia—for energy,” said Congressman Blake Moore. “As we watch the devastating global instability in Eastern Europe and experience pain at the gas pump, it is abundantly clear why we must unleash America’s energy production capabilities and hold the Biden Administration’s feet to the fire so we can become energy independent and keep more money in Americans’ pockets.”

The main provisions in the Protecting Energy Independence and Transparency Act would:

  • Require DOI to issue any pending permits that have successfully completed environmental analysis and other required reviews within 30 days of enactment;
  • Require DOI to submit a details report to Congress on the status of nominated parcels for future lease sales, the number of APDs that are pending approval, how long these items have been pending, and the reason these items have been delayed; and
  • Require DOI to publish the number of pending and approved APDs and expressions of interest for parcel nominations for lease sales.