Sen. Mike McKell’s statement regarding the detainment of a Ukrainian refugee

For five days, the Ukrainian wife of a Utah constituent has been detained at the U.S. border without access to her family or lawyer. After fleeing war-torn Ukraine, Anna  Harrison and her 10-year-old daughter, who is a U.S. citizen, tried to reenter the U.S. Harrison’s daughter was allowed entry but Anna continues to remain in custody. Sen. Mike McKell released the following statement regarding Harrison’s detainment at the U.S. border.

“I am extremely upset that my constituent’s wife, who has fled Kharkiv, Ukraine, and is seeking humanitarian parole in the U.S., is being detained and unable to see or speak to her family. Anna Harrison is the wife of an Air Force veteran and has a 10-year-old daughter who is a U.S. citizen.

“Since Thursday, Anna has been detained at the U.S. border. Officials have taken her cell phone and only allowed her to retain one change of clothes. She has been unable to speak with her family and her attorney is being denied access.

“This mistreatment is unacceptable. The administration has declared that the U.S. will take 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. The experience Anna is going through makes me wonder how many other Ukrainians are in custody and being treated similarly. Refugees from Ukraine deserve our help and respect. Let’s start by releasing Anna, the wife of an Air Force veteran and mother of a U.S. citizen, and show her and other refugees that the U.S. is behind Ukraine and will help any way we can.”