United Utah Party State Convention on April 16

The United Utah Party will be holding its State Nominating Convention on Saturday, April 16 at 10:00 am at West High School in Salt Lake City (241 N 300 W, Salt Lake City UT, 84103).

“It’s going to be a convention to remember,” said Hillary Stirling, United Utah Party Chair. “In addition to nominating our own candidates, party members are going to decide whether or not to endorse Evan McMullin’s candidacy for the United States Senate.”

Endorsement is an extraordinary measure for the United Utah Party.  The party has never endorsed a non-UUP candidate for public office.  But last month, the United Utah Party Executive Committee voted unanimously to recommend that the UUP officially endorse Evan McMullin for U.S. Senate. The United Utah Party bylaws allow the party to endorse unaffiliated candidates for public office at their state nominating convention instead of nominating a candidate of their own, but the party’s state executive committee must first recommend that endorsement and ensure that the candidate is well-aligned with the values and platform of the United Utah Party.

“The Executive Committee is excited about Evan McMullin and we believe that his practical, non-partisan approach is consistent with the values of the United Utah Party,” Stirling said. “But ultimately, the decision about whether or not to endorse him rests with the party as a whole. And we want to give a voice to as many people as possible.”

All United Utah Party members are automatically eligible to be delegates to the state convention, and they will be able to attend in person or virtually. All UUP conventions are open to both delegates and observers, though only delegates may vote and fully participate there.

“We invite everyone who is dissatisfied with the broken two-party system to come to our convention,” Stirling said. “This is one you won’t want to miss.”For more information, visit unitedutah.org.