United Utah Party nominates own candidates and votes on endorsement of Evan McMullin

The Utah Party held its state nominating convention this Saturday. “This is the third time we’re fielding candidates in regular elections, and we’re excited to have such a solid slate. The opportunity to also vote on endorsing Evan McMullin only added to that excitement,” said Hillary Stirling, chair of the United Utah Party.

“Evan is a long-time friend of the party, and many of his values and goals align with our own, but ultimately, the decision was one for the delegates,” Stirling added. The UUP’s executive committee had earlier recommended endorsement, but party bylaws require the decision be put to the convention delegates as a whole. “In an era of such division, it was encouraging to see how the question of endorsement played out. Even when delegates had concerns, the feedback I heard was both respectful and thoughtful,” Stirling said. Convention delegates voted overwhelmingly for endorsement, with 93% in favor and 7% against. Nine UUP candidates were nominated at convention, while another fifteen UUP candidates had previously been nominated in their county conventions, for a total of 24 UUP candidates on the ballot this November.

All members of the United Utah Party were eligible to participate as delegates, and the convention was open to observers as well. The meeting itself was a hybrid event, with attendees participating both in person and via webinar. “We truly are a ‘big tent’ party and encourage everyday citizens to get involved. Innovations like our hybrid convention are a natural extension of that openness,” Stirling said.

For more information, please visit http://unitedutah.org