Owens co-sponsors legislation to address baby formula shortage

Today, Rep. Burgess Owens (UT-04) co-sponsored the Access to Baby Formula Act, bipartisan legislation to help improve access to infant formula for families in Utah and across the country amid the current national shortage. 

“Over 40% of America’s top-selling baby formula products are out of stock, leaving Utah moms and dads scrambling to feed their newborns,” said Rep. Owens. “Unlike Speaker Pelosi’s Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act, the Access to Baby Formula Act is a real solution that will strengthen this vital supply chain, keep shelves stocked, and prevent future shortages. Feeding America’s babies should not be a controversial issue, and I’m proud to support this critical effort.”

Specifically, the legislation:

  • Requires manufacturers to submit a plan with their bids for contracts covering how they will address an emergency or disruption without impacting the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) recipients.
  • Allows the Secretary of Agriculture to issue a narrow set of waivers in the event of an emergency or disruption to help formula get back on the shelves quickly.
  • Requires states to be transparent about the need for the emergency declaration and any potential renewal and requires the states to inform the manufacturers of the declaration to ensure they are a part of the conversation.

The full legislative text is available here.