Burgess Owens declines GOP debate

The Utah Republican Party confirmed to the Hunsaker campaign that Burgess Owens has declined to participate in a GOP-sponsored debate.  Because of this, and contrary to prior statements, the state party will not proceed with planning or sponsoring a debate for the two primary candidates in Congressional District 4.

So far Burgess Owens is the only incumbent in the state rejecting all opportunities for debate, including the GOP-sanctioned forum.  He has also rejected other invitations to debate at scheduled forums hosted by non-partisan organizations including the Utah Debate Commission (UDC), KSL NewsRadio, and MWEG.

Hunsaker will participate in the UDC debate scheduled for Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

Of his opponents’ refusal to engage in any debates during a heated primary election season, Hunsaker stated:

“By refusing to debate, my opponent not only betrays the foundational principles of our republic, but also shows his disdain for and mistrust of his own constituents and their ability to make good, informed decisions on Election Day.

This is just another sign that my opponent views the entire electoral process as a threat to his game of toxic celebrity politics, rather than an essential piece of a functional democracy. I encourage voters to support candidates who are committed to accessibility and transparency.”