Sen. Bramble and McCay respond to lawsuit against H.B. 11

Sen. Curt Bramble and Sen. Dan McCay issue the following statements regarding the lawsuit against H.B. 11 Student Eligibility in Interscholastic Activities.

“All kids deserve fair opportunities; however, we must acknowledge the fact that biological boys and girls are built differently,” said Sen. Curt Bramble. “H.B. 11 doesn’t prevent athletes from competing as they can still compete against their same biological gender. The intention of H.B. 11 is to preserve women’s sports and protect future athletic opportunities. If a court allows biological males to compete in female sports, H.B. 11 puts Utah ahead of the curve by creating an unbiased, data-driven commission, continuing to protect female athletes.”

“H.B. 11 is trying to protect two things: safety and the integrity of competition,” said Sen. Dan McCay. “It is our responsibility as lawmakers to pass legislation that ensures women still have a place in their sport. H.B. 11 does just that. At times, litigation is part of the process, and we will work within the legal system to get answers. H.B. 11 also creates a commission if a ban is put on hold that will help foster a safe and fair environment for all athletes.”