Owens, Donalds introduce resolution commemorating the essential role of fatherhood

In celebration of Father’s Day, Reps. Burgess Owens (UT-04) and Byron Donalds (FL-19) today introduced a resolution commemorating the vital role of fatherhood in the development of America’s children. Research shows that increased involvement of fatherhood in the home leads to education excellence, economic prosperity, and improved social mobility for children.

“There is no greater joy than being a father,” said Rep. Owens. “As a dad, I know from experience that strong parents play an indispensable role in caring for, nurturing, and supporting kids. Fatherless homes can often create obstacles for children to learn, grow, and develop. No matter our color, creed, religion, or party, we can all agree that family is the greatest gift. Our resolution underscores the impact of fatherhood and reaffirms our commitment to building up communities through thoughtful, family-first policies.”

“Fatherlessness in the United States has led to a rise in crime, substance abuse, incarceration, decreased social mobility, and economic strains,” said Rep. Donalds. “How we, as fathers, empower, teach, and develop our children plays a direct role in their well-being, mental health, and ability to preserve through adversity. Promoting federal policies which incentivizes two-parent households directly correlates to economic prosperity, academic achievement, and generational advancement. As someone raised in a single-parent household, I understand the integral role a father has in a child’s societal and cultural development—and that’s why I am proud to stand with Rep. Owens in support of this resolution.”

The full text of the resolution is available here.