Lee Ocean Shipping amendments become law

Eight amendments proposed by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) became law under the Ocean Shipping Reform Act.  Three amendments were from his SHIP IT Act and represent a part of his detailed plan to fight inflation.  Senator Lee’s contributions will be an essential step toward combatting our nation’s supply chain crisis.  Lee’s amendments cut red tape responsible for delayed approval of much-needed port workers.  They require federal reporting to Congress, giving lawmakers a better understanding of how U.S. port technology stacks up against our competitors.  Additionally, they require the federal government to explore the feasibility of using U.S. Inland Ports, such as the one in Utah, for storing and transferring cargo containers.

Of his amendments, Sen. Lee said, “The surge of online goods has exposed some problems, systemic problems, with our supply chain.  Americans in all states are experiencing consumer product shortages, and the end doesn’t appear to be anywhere in sight.  This has contributed to inflation that is costing American families.  I am encouraged that a number of my amendments that will help get products off of ships, into trucks, and onto shelves have become law.

Sen. Lee continues to advocate for the passage of his complete SHIP IT Act to counter the supply chain and inflation crises.

Lee explained the process by which his amendments became law in the video linked below.