Tina Cannon statement on Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade

The Supreme Court Decision regarding Roe v. Wade is the news the pro-life movement has been fighting for and eagerly anticipating for nearly 50 years. This is a win for the sanctity of life. Over two dozen states will now be abortion free due to trigger laws and state constitutional laws.

The pro-abortion movement will marshal their forces, attack the Supreme Court and make every effort to codify into federal law their positions. The battle to make abortion unthinkable will become more intense as blue states seek to codify abortion until birth, while red states will seek to protect life from its very beginning. As the discussion intensifies, it is crucial to have well-spoken women who are advocates for life. 

The key to a world where abortion is truly rare will be increasing the knowledge and understanding of those this issue impacts most: women. Advocates of Roe V. Wade have championed abortion as legal, safe and rare.  There have been over 62 million abortions since the inception of Roe V. Wade.  This sobering number indicates that abortion is not rare, it has become a form of birth control.  It is demeaning to the intelligence, capability and humanity of women to believe we cannot find a better option for family planning. 

This news brings great responsibility to those who stand to protect the lives of the unborn. We must fund pregnancy resource centers, we must work nonstop to help women facing an unplanned pregnancy and do not know where to turn. We must support policies to aid families, not tear them apart.

The Supreme Court’s decision that there is no federal right to abortion and that it is an issue for the states—to be decided and governed by those at that level—makes the Supreme Court an interpreter and defender of the Constitution, not an unelected and unaccountable group who legislates from the bench. The courts should never overstep their bounds and enter the arena reserved specifically for the legislative branch, namely the ability to write and pass laws. The Supreme Court decision will save countless innocent lives and I wholeheartedly support it.