UCAIR donates hundreds of smart thermostats to SLCo program to reduce emissions, improve air quality

The Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR) generously donated 200 smart thermostats to Salt Lake County’s Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, which serves low- to moderate income families with health conditions worsened by their home environment. Hundreds of Salt Lake County homes will soon reduce their emissions and improve health conditions for those housed.

“Air quality continues to be at the front of Utahns minds,” said Kim Frost, Executive Director of UCAIR. “We are thrilled to partner with Maverik and Big West Oil to provide smart thermostats to Utah households that experience greater effects of air pollution. With the implementation of energy efficient technology, such as smart thermostats, we will see benefits to our air shed.”

Households at higher risks of air pollution will both save money and have cleaner air by reducing NOx emissions that come from natural gas combustion. Smart thermostats also have features, for example, that remind households when air filters need to be changed.

The Nest Smart thermostats that will be installed will save families 10-12 percent on heating bills and 15 percent on cooling bills. Those savings average from $131-$145 each year.

“As we push towards a more sustainable future, it is important for the most vulnerable among us not to be left behind,” Michael Shea, Salt Lake County Sustainability Director, said. “Which is why we are incredibly excited for our partnership with UCAIR on the SMART thermostat program. This will help further the goals of the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative to improve air quality both indoors and out for at-risk-households.”

Other Salt Lake County households interested in switching to smart thermostats to save energy and improve Utah’s air quality, that might not qualify for the Salt Lake County Green & Healthy Homes program, can find rebate programs available from organizations like Rocky Mountain Power or Dominion Energy’s ThermWise Program.

For more information about the Salt Lake County Green & Healthy Homes program, including healthy tips and how to apply, visit https://slco.org/green-healthy-homes.