Utah Democrats officially file lawsuit to remove Joel Ferry from November ballot

Today, the Utah Democratic Party officially announced that it has filed a lawsuit in federal court to remove Joel Ferry from the general election ballot in House District 1. 

After Ferry was appointed by Gov. Cox to lead the Department of Natural Resources, he refused to give up his seat in the legislature, unconstitutionally serving in both the Executive and Legislative branches for months before finally resigning under pressure. However, he still remains on the ballot in HD-1, even though he clearly has no intention of serving his community in the House if re-elected. 

Last month, the Utah Democratic Party sent a letter to the Lieutenant Governor demanding that Ferry be removed from the ballot due to his clear ineligibility to serve, but she declined to do her job, passing the buck and prioritizing partisan and political loyalty over fairness and constitutionality.

“Joel Ferry finally resigning doesn’t mean that the issue of his presence on the ballot is solved. Since the Lieutenant Governor refuses to remove him, and he will not remove himself, we had no other choice but to bring this in front of a judge,” said Chair Diane Lewis. 

“This is a matter of fairness, ethics, and accountability. The people of House District 1 deserve better than a straw-man candidate standing in for whomever a small group of radical GOP insiders choose to fill the seat. This is nothing more than shady, back-room political dealing seeking to cut voters out of the equation entirely, and that is why we’re asking a judge to force Ferry’s removal from the ballot.”