Utah Bankers Association President & CEO Howard Headlee joins Sutherland Institute Board of Directors

Sutherland Institute announced today the addition of Howard M. Headlee to its Board of Directors. Headlee will draw from his leadership experience in the private sector to enhance Sutherland’s work supporting free enterprise and the institutions of civil society.

“Howard brings decades of experience in the financial sector where he has left an indelible mark on the industry,” said Rick Larsen, Sutherland Institute President & CEO. “Howard’s expertise in business, education, and community relations will significantly enhance our work to strengthen the principles that undergird America’s free enterprise system.”

Headlee is the current President & CEO of the Utah Bankers Association, where he has served faithfully for over 25 years. As leader of the Utah Bankers Association, Headlee has successfully launched several national initiatives to improve efficiencies in the banking industry, increase accountability, and provide better services for consumers.

In addition to improving the banking industry, Headlee is passionate about public education. He has founded one of the largest charter public schools in Utah, and in 2012 he was appointed by Utah Governor Gary Herbert to serve on the Utah State Charter School Board where he served as Chairman until he retired in 2016. He now serves on the advisory board for the Center for the School of the Future.

“The mission of Sutherland Institute has never been more important,” said Headlee. “It’s my privilege to become part of an organization so dedicated to the ideas that have made Utah the economic envy of the nation.”

Headlee has also been an active member of the Utah community and has served in various community roles throughout the years. He currently is a member of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square and has been recognized as one of Utah’s 100 most influential people. He and his wife Tana have six children and live in Sandy, Utah.