Inland Port Authority approves agreement with Salt Lake City

The Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) Board of Directors adopted a resolution today approving an agreement with Salt Lake City to fund environmental mitigation efforts, community mitigation projects, and affordable housing. The Salt Lake City Council will now consider and vote on the agreement during its meeting this evening.  

The board approved the Interlocal Agreement between UIPA, Salt Lake City Corporation, and the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City, which Executive Director Ben Hart explained at last week’s board meeting held at Southern Utah University. Both UIPA and Salt Lake City now have defined roles in the future development of the county’s northwest quadrant. 

The agreement has been a work in progress for the previous two years and outlines how to disperse tax differential funds from the Utah Inland Port for projects over the following 25 years. It outlines the process for conducting a series of studies, including environmental, traffic, and community impact. The plan also requires the Redevelopment Agency to spend 10% of the property tax it receives on affordable housing.

“A lot of listening, thoughtful contemplation and hard work went into this,” said Hart about the interlocal agreement. “We believe it gives the Port Authority a clear path forward to create a comprehensive Northwest Quadrant Master Development Plan and assures the city their concerns will be addressed as well.”