Treasurer Oaks and Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Committee announce new Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Office Director

Treasurer Marlo Oaks and the Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Committee today announced the appointment of Kim Christy as the new director of the Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Office.

During the 2018 General Session, the legislature authorized the creation of the office to advocate for Utah trust lands beneficiaries, work with the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) and School and Institutional Trust Funds Office (SITFO), and help the public and beneficiaries understand the mission of the trust lands system. The office works under the direction of the Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Committee and the state treasurer.

“This position requires strong technical knowledge and interpersonal skills to effectively navigate the complex challenges often associated with trust lands,” Treasurer Oaks said. “Mr. Christy’s extensive knowledge of Utah’s trusts system and his proven ability to advocate for trust beneficiaries uniquely qualifies him for the position.”

Christy’s background includes 18 years of service at SITLA, including most recently serving as the agency’s deputy director. He previously worked for the Utah Farm Bureau Federation and the Office of Legislative Research and General Council (OLRGC). One of his responsibilities at OLRGC included staffing the legislative task force that worked to resolve issues surrounding trust lands administration and ultimately led to the creation of SITLA in 1994.

“I’m honored to serve in this capacity and look forward to facilitating collaboration within the trust lands system, as well as helping the general public better understand the mission and relevancy of the trusts,” Christy said. “The Trust not only provides meaningful financial support to its 12 beneficiary institutions, but also plays a key role in the economic viability of communities throughout the state.”

The Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Committee screened, selected and interviewed candidates for the position. They recently presented Treasurer Oaks with their top two nominations.

“We are thrilled for Kim Christy’s appointment to lead our efforts to advocate for and protect the beneficiaries of the trusts. He brings a wealth of experience and has demonstrated integrity and passion for our work,” Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Committee Chair Steve Ostler said.

Christy will assume his position on November 4.

About the School and Institutional Trusts System
When Utah became a state in 1896, Congress granted approximately seven million acres of land into 12 separate trusts for the support of state institutions, the largest being a trust for the perpetual support of public schools. The land has been administered by SITLA since 1994. In 2014, the Utah State Legislature created SITFO as an independent state agency to invest the funds produced by SITLA’s administration of the land. During the 2018 General Session, the legislature authorized the creation of the Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Office.