Zions Community Speaker Series: “The state of affordable housing: Solving for housing in the economic inclusion equation”

Zions Community Speaker Series “The State of Affordable Housing: Solving for Housing in the Economic Inclusion Equation”

NOV 16th from 12:00 – 1:00 pm MST via Zoom. 

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DESCRIPTION: Does “affordable housing” still exist?  While many Utahns and Idahoans are still feeling the effects of the pandemic, they are also feeling the effects of our population growth and the impact it’s having on our housing market.  Utahns and Idahoans can’t afford to buy homes in their home states.  Our next Community Speaker Series will examine the current state of affordable housing and explore ways to keep home ownership within reach for all families.  Join us in conversation as we explore ways to solve for housing in the economic inclusion equation.


  • David Damschen, President and CEO, Utah Housing Corporation
  • Cate Klundt, Government Affairs Director, Utah Association of Realtors  
  • Tema Hunkin Laussen, Real Estate Agent
  • Bud Compher, CEO, NeighborWorks Boise

*All Community Speaker Series are open to the entire community free of charge, but registration is required.  We invite you to share with your networks.