Utah Senate Majority Caucus releases 2023 General Session priorities

The Utah Senate Majority caucus announces its 2023 General Session priorities. With the conclusion of November interim meetings, the Senate Majority caucus is gearing up to pass legislation to help Utahns through economic uncertainties and prepare for future growth. 

Utah Senate Majority Caucus Priorities:

  • Increase teacher salaries
  • Find long-term solutions to Utah’s water crisis
  • Cut taxes to keep Utah’s economy and thriving business community the best in the nation

The following statements are from the Utah Senate Majority caucus:

Increasing Teacher Salaries

“Since 2015, Utah has spent approximately half of all state funds on public education and increased annual public education spending by 61% from $2.8 billion to $4.4 billion. When other states were laying off teachers during COVID-19, we gave teachers bonuses. In Utah, we recognize all the hard work teachers have been doing and want to show our support and appreciation. This session, we plan to directly raise teacher salaries.”

Finding a Long-term Solution to Utah’s Water Crisis

“In recent years, we have experienced a worsening drought that is largely due to unreliable weather. Our state needs to find a solution to our water challenges. As the fastest-growing state in the nation, it’s imperative we find a lasting fix to ensure our state’s survival for generations to come. We are currently looking at options to not only help our state’s water challenges but to help all Western states that struggle with drought and inconsistent water output. As state leaders, we will work to solve Utah’s water capacity issues, including finding a multi-state solution.”

Cutting Taxes to Keep Utah the Best Economy

“Forward-thinking policies combined with the tenacity of Utah’s workforce have kept our state’s economy and job market strong. We are the state that responded best to COVID-19, focusing on saving both lives and livelihoods. Utah has the number one economy and tops the list for economic outlook. However, we are facing the highest inflation in 40 years. We must work to keep businesses and the economy strong, making it possible for Utahns to provide for their families. After reducing taxes two years in a row, we will be cutting taxes once again, giving money back to Utahns at a time when they need it most.”

Heading into the 2023 General Session, the Senate Majority caucus is advocating to strengthen the state by keeping Utah affordable, promoting innovation and making decisions that have positive impacts both today and for generations to come.