U.S. delegation returns from Taiwan, bolstering partnership with critical American ally

Last week, Congressman John Curtis (UT-03) led a congressional delegation to Taiwan to discuss national and energy security, as well as Taiwan’s critical role in the global supply chain. Members included Rep. John Curtis (UT-03), Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-01), Rep. Burgess Owens (UT-04), and Rep. Michelle Steel (CA-48). 

“When I first visited as a missionary in 1979, Taiwan was very different than it is today. Under strong leadership, Taiwan has become a strong democracy in a volatile region and the number one supplier of advanced semiconductors,” said Rep. Curtis. “I was honored to return to Taiwan to reaffirm America’s bipartisan commitment to have a strong alliance with Taiwan. I look forward to supporting Taiwan’s national and energy security, which will in turn support America’s defense strategy.”

“The United States of America is a symbol of freedom and champion of democracy, and I was proud to join Congressman Curtis for my first-ever visit to Taiwan to reaffirm our nation’s unwavering commitment,” said Rep. Owens. “Taiwan is one of America’s most trusted allies and one of Utah’s largest trading partners, and I am thankful to the President, Vice President, and Cabinet Ministers for hosting us and sharing the history of this extraordinary country. We stand ready to help the people of Taiwan remain independent while bolstering their economic and national security.” 

“Taiwan’s national security is a crucial part of maintaining peace in the Indo-Pacific region, particularly as the Chinese Communist Party continues to become more aggressive,” said Rep. Miller-Meeks. “I was proud to join Representative Curtis on this important trip, and I remain committed to building upon our already very strong relationship with Taiwan.”

“Countering rising CCP aggression by fostering a strong economic and defensive partnership between Taiwan and the United States has never been more important,” said Rep. Steel. “I am grateful to President Tsai Ing-wen and her government for hosting members of Congress this week to discuss ways we can bolster the relationship between our two countries. I remain committed to standing with Taiwan and look forward to future opportunities to defend and strengthen this critical alliance.”

The group met with the President, Vice President, and Cabinet Ministers. Curtis has led many initiatives to bolster Taiwan’s role in the international system including the TAIPEI Act signed into law in 2020, the Taiwan International Solidarity Act, and Taiwan Symbols of Sovereignty.

The most recent NDAA also included many provisions to enhance Taiwan’s national defense. 

Topics discussed in these meetings focused on the US role in Taiwan’s national security, ways Taiwan can ensure energy resiliency while decreasing emissions, proposals to solidify economic ties between our two countries, and the importance of maintaining Taiwan’s democracy and innovative free market system.