Senate District 12 special election results

Yesterday, Democratic state delegates in Senate District 12 met to hear from 8 candidates running in the special election to represent SD 12 in the Senate, which comes after Senator Karen Mayne’s resignation.

Electronic delegate voting for this ranked-choice election was open from yesterday evening until 3:00 pm today. Now that the votes have been tabulated, Karen Kwan has won the special election after four rounds of counting. 

Chair Diane Lewis released the following statement in response:

“First of all, I’d like to thank every candidate who ran and every delegate who participated in this election, and congratulations to Senator-elect Kwan, who will be representing the people of Senate District 12 on the hill. While we are saddened by Senator Mayne’s resignation from the Senate, I am confident that Karen will continue her legacy of public service, and will fight just as hard for the west side as she did.”

The party will call a special election to replace Senator-elect Kwan in the House after she is officially appointed to the Senate by Gov. Cox, per Utah Code 20A-1-503.