Congressman Blake Moore elected to continue serving on the House Budget Committee

The House Steering Committee elected Congressman Blake Moore (UT-01) to continue serving on the House Budget Committee. Congressman Moore will leverage his role on this critical committee to protect America’s defense budget, which has been squeezed by mandatory spending, COVID-era programs, and the soaring national debt. 

“During the 117th Congress, I was appointed by then-Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Armed Services Chairman Mike Rogers to serve on the House Budget Committee as the Leader’s Representative. In that position, it was my job to represent our defense and national security interests on the Budget Committee, and I’m grateful to have secured the opportunity to continue that work,” said Congressman Blake Moore. “America’s gravest national security threat is the national debt, and fiscal restraints are impacting the readiness, capabilities, and even strategies of our Armed Forces. My objective on the Budget Committee is to lead on defense budget decisions, providing reliable and consistent funding of the Warfighter and advocating for Hill Air Force Base and our Northern Utah workforce.”

“I’m proud to serve alongside Rep. Blake Moore on the House Budget Committee for the 118th Congress,” said Chairman Jodey Arrington (TX-19). “Blake has been a staunch advocate for pro-growth principles in his home state of Utah and has a variety of relevant experiences: from working with small businesses and serving Main Street America to working in the Foreign Service for the State Department and assessing our country’s most pressing security threats. His vast background will be an asset to the Committee’s efforts in reorienting our fiscal trajectory and putting America back on a sustainable path.”

The House Budget Committee is responsible for passing an annual budget resolution outlining government spending allocations and priorities. Congressman Moore has been recognized by House Republican Leadership for his work on the Debt and Deficit Task Force he convened with local leaders in Ogden, Utah, to create a framework of solutionsfor how the federal government can address our national debt and deficit crisis. He was also named a 2022 Fiscal Hero by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. This is Congressman Moore’s second committee assignment for the 118th Congress, in addition to his role on the House Ways and Means Committee.