USBE: Board leadership statement on allegations of educator rule violation

As the elected leadership team for the Utah State Board of Education (USBE), we are aware of recent allegations against several school districts regarding potential disregard for law or rule of divisive topics being taught within the school setting. All administrators and educators are required to abide by Utah law, board administrative rules, and official policy, including R277-328 Education Equity in Schools.

As the state’s oversight entity for all public education, USBE will review the allegations to determine what appropriate action is necessary. Additionally, we are continually working to improve our policies and rules to ensure compliance with Utah law. Notification policies and transparency with parents must be a priority within the public school system.

Parents and guardians with specific concerns should contact their student’s school to work towards a solution. Curriculum decisions are made through local boards. R277-123 also provides an avenue to report violations of law and board rule to USBE. Those who have contacted the appropriate educators and administrators at their student’s school or district and feel the issue has not been resolved may report their concern to USBE’s Public Education Hotline at 801-538-7813 or by emailing [email protected].