Western Governors University launches enrollment for 14-to-18-year old students

Western Governors University (WGU) has announced a new enrollment opportunity for 14-to-18-year old students into academic programs in WGU’s School of Education, Leavitt School of Health, College of Business, and College of Information Technology.

In this new academic pathway, 14-to-18-year olds may apply for and enroll in select WGU bachelor’s degree programs. This opportunity is ideal for students who have postsecondary aspirations, have completed a high school diploma or equivalent at an early age, have an openness to convenient and flexible online learning, and possess career ambitions that are aligned to WGU’s programmatic offerings.

“High school-aged students and their families are seeking new postsecondary options as they increasingly question the value of traditional college and learning delivery models,” said WGU President Scott Pulsipher. “We are proud to serve these young learners and play a role in helping them achieve their dreams.”

WGU’s teenage students will enroll in the same industry-informed, career-aligned degree programs and courses as currently matriculated WGU students. They also will benefit from a specially designed orientation and onboarding process, dedicated points of contact for parents and guardians, and all of the mentoring support, resources, and capabilities of WGU.

Accepted teenage students at WGU will begin classes on March 1, 2023, with a capacity for 500 students in this first cohort. Prospective students can visit wgu.edu/teenlearners for more information about eligible degree programs, and to apply.