Blake Moore’s statement on President Biden’s State of the Union address

Congressman Blake Moore issued the following statement after President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address:

“I was grateful to listen to tonight’s State of the Union address with my guest Kody Jean Cooper from Clearfield, Utah. She is an Air Force veteran and the surviving spouse of fallen Utah National Guard Staff Sergeant Jon Cooper II, and it was a privilege to have her join me tonight. 

I appreciated the opportunity to hear President Biden’s remarks and agree with his sentiments in support of Ukraine, investments in medical technologies and research to fight cancer, and resources for our veterans and their families, like Kody and her sons.

However, his attempts to herald his administration’s policies came across as tone deaf to Americans who are struggling with historic inflation, harmful open border policies, and compromised national security. 

As President Biden speaks of his ‘Unity Agenda,’ his actions prove otherwise. His administration’s hyper-partisan fiscal policies have caused inflation to skyrocket, and reckless spending has become our country’s greatest threat. Illegal immigration, drug trafficking, burdensome regulations, and supply chain challenges are wreaking havoc on our economic stability and national security. Our national security posture is weak and lacks leadership. The administration’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in August of 2021 cost precious American lives and billions of dollars’ worth of defense equipment, and we continue to demand accountability. 

All that said, the most disingenuous thing he said all night was that some Republicans want to sunset Medicare, apparently referencing his other comments that the GOP wants to cut or gut Medicare. This has emerged as the Democrats’ chosen campaign narrative leading into 2024, and I was very disappointed he used his speech to spread that rhetoric.

Through our opposing approaches to our greatest challenges, I share President Biden’s optimism for the progress we can achieve if elected officials from both sides of the aisle work together to craft solutions. I am leveraging my positions on the House Ways and Means and Budget committees to reverse Washington’s debt culture, rein in federal spending, support our military and national defense efforts, and ensure every American can feel safe in their community. Our American resolve has the power to rise above, and I am hopeful that productive collaboration can yield economic mobility and security for more Americans, but much of this depends on the President’s willingness to leave partisanship behind and lead.”